Cotton fabrics - a large selection for everyone

Online store Drecotton has for you the highest quality fabrics with various weights and compositions. A large variety of products available in our shop cause that even the most demanding person will find the right products for themselves which will let unleash creativity. Fabrics offered by us are ideally for clothes, bedding or decorative items. We have a wide selection of colors and interesting designs – over 2,5 thousand products. You can choose from one-color, patterned fabrics or with delicate texture which will be like by children and adults. Choose a pattern of flowers, check, delicate dots, expressive geometric patterns and many more, then sew something beautiful and unique. Our offer also includes linen and viscose. Viscose is valued first of all for softness and breathability. In our store you will find various types of viscose - stretchable viscose with elastane and 100% viscose.

Cotton fabric

Do you think that ideal does not exist? The natural cotton fabric is resistant to high temperatures and keeps a great look for a long time. In addition, it can look really stylish and elegant in your home. Cotton fabric is one of the most universal materials in the world that has been appreciated for centuries. As a consequence to the returning fashion for naturalness and ecology, it is gaining popularity again. Cotton is a fabric safe for health, also it is extremely soft and plasticity. These qualities make it easier to work with this graceful product and let you create bedding, clothes or curtains with the highest quality. Our online store offers you cotton both for children and adults. We have one-color and printed fabrics. Bedding cotton is also a strong point in our assortment. Natural fabrics definitely raise the comfort and quality of sleep. This is the largest selection of high quality cotton available online.

Fabrics for children

Baby cotton is a fabric specially created for a delicate children’s skin. It is completely safe for the child and the environment (we have fabrics with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate), also it is extremely pleasant to touch. Children's prints look great on it, it easily keeps its properties even in the most difficult conditions. Do you want to create a cozy and beautiful place for your child? Our cotton fabrics for children are a perfect choice. All brands that create products for children and take care for their small customers know that cotton fabric is the only right choice. If you also care about the safety and quality of children's accessories, our online store will certainly meet your expectations. The cotton fabrics for children presented on our website are perfect for clothes, bedding, mascots, and even decorative items (pillows or curtains). Kids will like them for a nice touch and interesting designs, and adults will appreciate the high quality and durability that will allow to keep beautiful appearance of fabrics for a long time. Check out our wide range of children's cotton and create with us the dream place for your child!

Clothing fabrics - linen, viscose

Our online store offers a wide selection of clothing fabrics - such as cotton, linen, viscose, double gauze and many others. Natural fabrics are extremly durable, we pay a lot of attention to high quality of our products. Clothes sewn from our fabrics and knitwears will keep their perfect look for a long time, it is also worth mentioning the advantage of natural fibers (such as linen) over synthetic ones – natural fibers increase the comfort of wearing and allow your skin to breathe. Linen is a highly valued fabric in the clothing industry - it is durable and also airy, perfect for summer. In our store we have several types of linen: softened, stonewashed and thick, natural linen.